Deployment – HAMILTON Recovery Centre


TCC EM Team Briefing Central Highlands Fires Hamilton Recovery Centre 1st March 2024

TCC EM Team Briefing Central Highlands Fires Hamilton Recovery Centre 28 February 2024

DEPLOYMENT DATE: 28th Feb – 5th March


Hamilton Recovery Centre – 6 Tarleton Street, Hamilton

  • Presence at the centre to support attendees if required

Hamilton Campground – 58 Franklin Place, Hamilton

  • Conduct walk-arounds to check in with campers

Map below

Key Personnel Role Name Contact Number
TCCEM Team Details: 1/3/2024 Team Leader Paul Eagar
Team Members Ellen Clark
TCCEM Duty Manager: 24 Hour Line  0455 840 050
Local Council Contact: Council Contact:

Acting General Manager and Recovery Coordinator

Central Highlands Council

Adam Wilson 0459 308 647
Evacuation / Recovery Centre Contact: Deputy Recovery Coordinator

Katrina Brazendale 0456 858 720
DPAC Contact:

During business hours (we will advise if this changes):

Kate Forbes

Recovery Support Officer

(03) 6262 7008

After hours and weekends:

Recovery Tasmania Duty Officer

0491 958 351


Current Fires update:

  • On Thursday 22 February 2024, extremely hot and dry conditions were experienced across Tasmania, and several significant bushfires started in the Central Highlands local government area.
  • Fires are continuing in the central highlands area and several other fires are continuing around the state.

Evacuation Centre update:

  • A Relief and Recovery centre is open at Hamilton for people to find information and support and accommodation as required.
  • An Evacuation Centre is on Standby at New Norfolk
  • Community Meetings have been held on Friday and over the weekend. It has been identified that PFA support could be helpful at future meetings (Approximately 50 people were in attendance on Sunday).

Current Issues:

  • Emergency Assistance GrantsThe Tasmanian Government’s Emergency Assistance Grant is available to affected residents of the impacted areas.For more information, go to
  • Ongoing nature of fires are causing stress and the on and off again warnings.

Updated Questions:

Questions you could ask people now who have been there for a few days:

  • Where are things up to for you? (Could have an emotional or situational response)
  • How are you sitting with the latest updates?
  • Do you have family / friends? Are they going ok?
  • Do you have a plan? OR what are your plans from here?
  • What do you need right now?

MISSION – Purpose / Goal of this deployment.

  1. Provide PFA and Personal Support for affected people and people utilising the Recovery Centre and Campground alongside other Government Agencies / Recovery Partner Network members or NGO’s and other personal support agency personnel such as Red Cross etc.
  2. Check in with affected people – provide an assessment as far as possible of current key issues

EXECUTION – Arrangements for the deployment

Lead agency: DPAC

Shift Times: – Subject to change!

  • SHIFT 1: Hamilton Recovery Centre: 9am – 11am
  • SHIFT 2: Hamilton Campground: 11am – 12pm
  • SHIFT 3: Hamilton Recovery Centre: 1pm – 3pm
  • SHIFT 4: Hamilton Campground: 3pm – 4pm

Travel arrangements – By own vehicle (Cost Recovery Available – please submit a reimbursement request)

Expense Reimbursement Request TCCEM 2024

Team Meeting place: Claire-Glyde House – 2 Grace St, Hamilton


  • Check with your Team Leader for any specific details / engagements
  • Check the Go-Kit for resources
  • Check Council Sign-in requirements for volunteers at the Evacuation Centre

Team tasks/ roles

  • Sign-in on ‘sign-in’ sheet as per GO-Kit
  • Provide PFA as required
  • Assist with social work and other support activities
  • Fill in shift information sheets and forward by email or phone to regional coordinator or deputy.

Other agencies involved / present:

  • Unknown

End Shift:

  • Debrief with your Team Leader
  • Advise your team leader of your ETA at your next destination
  • Complete the Online END SHIFT Form; Deployments PASSWORD is: BePresentWithOne
  • Seek Support and Engage in Self Care


(Vests / ID / TCC EM clothing / reporting forms / maps / radios / pens etc / accommodation)

  • TEAM LEADER has a Mini Go-Kit / Backpack with forms etc.
  • Please submit an END SHIFT form online – at when you have completed your shift!. Deployments page PASSWORD is: BePresentWithOne
  • ID Cards must be worn
  • Tabards are available in the Go-Kit
  • Go-Kit is being kept by the Team Leader
  • Spare paper TCCEM forms are in the Go-Kit


Privacy / confidentiality / safety / self-care / reporting process / information flow

  • Please be aware of confidentiality issues in a public space
  • Please ensure you take protective clothing (e.g. closed shoes etc.) and sunscreen, etc.
  • Please look after yourself and take appropriate breaks and drinks etc.
  • Please call your Regional Coordinator or deputy if you have any concerns or issues


Driving – No specific issues

Emergency Contacts:

Call ‘000’ if the emergency is life threatening

Paul Hueston – Southern Regional Coordinator: 0400 422 009

& out: Please keep clear records

General Safety

  • Please look after yourself and take appropriate breaks and drinks etc.
  • Off-site Personnel movements – report / permission / safety considerations

Situational Awareness

Injuries, WH&S incidents, hazards and near misses to be reported

Medical Plan

Call 000 if an emergency

Seek First Aid at the Recovery centre if required

Local Medical Centres

  • Central Highlands Medical Centre: 6896 Lyell Hwy, Ouse – 6122 2016
  • Derwent Valley Medical Centre: 11 Burnett St, New Norfolk – 6261 1399
  • Bothwell Medical Centre: 13-15 Patrick St, Bothwell – 6259 5520



Deployment Map:

Location: 6 Tarleton Street, Hamilton