Deployment – {NAME}




Map below

Key Personnel Role Name Contact Number
TCCEM Team Details: Team Leader
Team Members
TCCEM Duty Manager: 24 Hour Line  0455 840 050
Local Council Contact:
Evacuation / Recovery Centre Contact:


Current Fires update:

Report from Tasfires Here 

Evacuation Centre update:

Current Issues:

Updated Questions:

Questions you could ask people now who have been there for a few days:

  • Where are things up to for you? (Could have an emotional or situational response)
  • How are you sitting with the latest updates?
  • Do you have family / friends? Are they going ok?
  • Do you have a plan? OR what are your plans from here?
  • What do you need right now?

MISSION – Purpose / Goal of this deployment.

Provide PFA and Personal Support for affected people and people utilising the Evacuation Centre alongside other Government Agencies / Recovery Partner Network members or NGO’s and other personal support agency personnel such as Red Cross etc.

EXECUTION – Arrangements for the deployment

Lead agency: 

Shift Times: – Subject to change!

  • SHIFT 1:
  • SHIFT 2:
  • Overnight Shift:

Travel arrangements – By own vehicle

Team Meeting place: 


  • Check with your Team Leader for any specific details / engagements
  • Check the Go-Kit for resources
  • Check Council Sign-in requirements for volunteers at the Evacuation Centre

Team tasks/ roles

  • Sign in on ‘sign-in’ sheet as per GO-Kit
  • GO-Kit is being kept at the PCYC reception where volunteers sign in
  • Provide PFA as required
  • Assist with social work and other support activities
  • Fill in shift information sheets and forward by email or phone to regional coordinator or deputy.

Other agencies involved / present:

End Shift:

  • Debrief with your Team Leader
  • Advise your team leader of your ETA at your next destination
  • Complete the Online END SHIFT Form
  • Seek Support and Engage in Self Care


(Vests / ID / TCC EM clothing / reporting forms / maps / radios / pens etc / accommodation)

  • ID Cards must be worn
  • Tabards are available in the Go-Kit
  • Go-Kit is being kept at …??
  • Spare paper TCCEM forms are in the Go-Kit


Privacy / confidentiality / safety / self-care / reporting process / information flow

  • Please be aware of confidentiality issues in a public space
  • Please ensure you take protective clothing (e.g. closed shoes etc.) and sunscreen, etc.
  • Please look after yourself and take appropriate breaks and drinks etc.
  • Please call your Regional Coordinator or deputy if you have any concerns or issues



Emergency Contacts

& out

General Safety

  • Please look after yourself and take appropriate breaks and drinks etc.
  • Off-site Personnel movements – report / permission / safety considerations

Situational Awareness

Injuries, WH&S incidents, hazards and near misses to be reported

Medical Plan



A conclusion or summary can reinforce key points.

Deployment Map: